Classified Moto Honda CT70 Scrambler

So far as motorbikes are concerned, we tend to love ones with an extra element of visual impact and awesomeness to them and these are definitely qualities which can be applied to the impeccable looking Honda CT70 Scrambler from the workshop of Classified Moto. This magnificent looking steed was born from a love of doing wheelies and its design is geared towards this adrenaline packed pursuit.

The Classified Moto Honda CT70 Scrambler really showcases the customisation talents of the workshop and for those who like their bikes to have a bit of character about them, this is certainly going to be ticking all the right boxes from an aesthetic point of view. We’ve featured the bikes of Classified Moto on the pages of The Coolector before because we love their dedication to doing things differently and dancing to their own beat from a design and build perspective and that’s something that this CT70 Scrambler admirably illustrates.

Wheelie Good

As mentioned, it was a love of doing wheelies that served as the design catalyst for the Classified Moto Honda CT70 Scrambler Bike and this fun-loving feel positively exudes from this fantastic looking ride. Pretty simple in design, so far as customised builds go, this awesome looking contraption takes the chassis of a Honda CT70 scrambler and makes a number of small but important changes to transform it into the madcap ride you see before you.

The Classified Moto Honda CT70 Scrambler has the signature style of this fantastic motorbike workshop and it is an aesthetic that really makes the brand stand out from the crowd in the incredibly competitive world of motorbike customisation. This excellent offering is probably their most lighthearted and fun to date and if you’ve got a penchant for pulling wheelies, it’s certainly going to resonate with your sensibilities as well.

Operating out of Richmond, Virginia, Classified Moto have got an almighty impressive back catalogue of bikes already under their belt but this first rate offering is definitely one of the coolest we’ve seen so far. The Honda CT70 Scrambler has one stand out feature in particular that you’ll likely have clocked already in the shape of the unusual looking seating arrangement. This lets you flip the seat up for fuelling as well as providing access to the battery and fuses. But Classified Moto want to make it quite clear; the bike’s main purpose is to do wheelies and chances are you’d spend more time on one wheel than two aboard this accomplished customisation job.

Eye-Catching Ride

It is the visuals of the bikes from Classified Moto that first draw you in but it is their performance that keeps you coming back and there is no exception with this exemplary machine from the US workshop. It has canister shocks at the rear and the iconic yellowed headlight at the front for some additional aesthetic appeal and this is sure to stand out from the crowd wherever you choose to ride it.

Another first rate example of Classified Moto’s excellent bike customisation capabilities in the shape of this Honda CT70 Scrambler bike and whilst it has been made with a love of wheelies in mind, such is its visual appeal, it’s definitely going to be ridden for a whole lot more than that.

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