Coast Cycles BUZZRAW X750 Bike

Urban commuting is something that a lot of people need to tackle in this day and age and finding the right steed for your needs is easier said than done. Well, we might just have found the ideal candidate in the shape of the BUZZRAW X750 Bike from Coast Cycles which is both a first class performer as well as aesthetically superior. Billed as the extrovert of extroverts, the belt-driven BUZZRAW X750 is your ultimate unconventional commuter and will see you tackling the roads in style.

The Coast Cycles BUZZRAW X750 Bike is both unique and practical in design and will provide a great ride wherever you’re heading. It expertly combines suspension with fat tires, the BUZZRAW X750 smooths out cobblestone roads and glides over potholes with ease and looks great whilst doing it. With a brilliant stealthy aesthetic, this magnificent looking ride from Coast Cycles is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and it’s available for pre-ordering now.

Great Design Features

With a lightweight design weighing in at just 28.5kg, the Coast Cycles BUZZRAW X750 Bike is capable of some impressive speeds and has an excellent battery distance of some 28 miles. It takes only 5 hours to fully charge so you can use it for a full day of urban commuting before heading home and charging it overnight, ready to go again the next day. Robust performance is something that sets it apart and the BUZZRAW X750 is made from Cromoly which is the metal with mettle. Strong, so you can ride it long and fully powder-coated in a thick layer of scratch-resistant thermoset polymer to protect against the elements – what’s not to like?

Offering effortless control, the Coast Cycles BUZZRAW X750 Bike has a unique BuzzWalker linkage fork that has Zero stiction and anti-dive features while maintaining a consistent ‘trail’ geometry under load. Spacious enough for two people, this first class contraption comes with dual suspension, 80mm of linear front and rear travel to perfectly glide over bumps. The Fat tire gives you all the advantages of a larger tire, with the lowest rolling resistance on the market.

The battery is another great component of this new offering from Coast Cycles and it is a 48V lithium-ion battery which can be locked and removed from the BUZZRAW X750 and taken inside to charge while at home or at work which makes it one of the most versatile and functional electric bikes on the market. With a rear hub motor, outputting 750 watts with every pedal stroke, getting from point A to B has never been easier than with this compelling machine.

Technologically Superior 

There is a great technological component to the Coast Cycles BUZZRAW X750 Bike which includes an LCD screen with three adjustable speed settings and it also comes with a walk-assist function. For anyone looking for a new urban run-around, this exquisite offering from Coast Cycles is available for pre-ordering now and we’re in little doubt that this awesome stealthy offering will positively fly off the shelves.

We’re seeing an ever increasing number of electric bikes emerging onto the market as more and more commuters seek environmentally friendly means of getting around and this awesome offering from Coast Cycles is definitely one of the best we’ve seen to date. If you’re wanting a stealthy steed for getting around your city, you better get your pre-order in fast because these probably aren’t going to hang around for long.

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