Cold Smoke Co Alpha Lite Bomber

We’re experiencing somewhat of a heatwave around Coolector HQ right now but we’re seasoned enough to know that this will be replaced by a cold snap sooner rather than later so we’ve still got an eye out for the right jacket for the next few months and we might just have find a prime candidate in the shape of the Cold Smoke Co Alpha Lite Bomber Jacket. Stylish, robust and versatile as it gets, this cracking piece of outerwear is right up our (and probably your) street here at The Coolector.

The Cold Smoke Co Alpha Lite Bomber Jacket is, as you might expect, similarly styled to the Alpha Lite Pullover that we featured last week but has a little more versatility inherent within. This first rate jacket is an ultra-versatile layer which does a superb job of commingling cutting edge performance materials with a classic bomber silhouette to deliver the immeasurably cool piece of outerwear that you see before you which is great value at $285.

Designed For Everyday Wear

We all need a jacket that we can reach for wherever we’re going and whatever the weather and the Cold Smoke Co Alpha Lite Bomber Jacket is exactly that as it is designed to be the jacket you take with you everywhere and for use every season. It provides adaptable warmth as a winter mid-layer, and elemental protection on cooler days and nights the year round so regardless of the weather conditions outside, this superb offering from California based Cold Smoke Co is going to tick all the right boxes.

The Alpha Lite Bomber Jacket from Cold Smoke Co is available in three different colourways and offers a bold, uncompromising and effortlessly cool aesthetic that we’re loving at Coolector HQ. It is made from Japanese made water and wind repellant nylon and it has been quilted with Polartec Alpha insulation. Other eye-catching feature of this jacket include custom American knit and garment died rib collar, grosgrain snap closures at hand-warmer pockets, and an interior stow pocket with embossed leather patch.

You know this jacket from Cold Smoke has got your back because Polartec Alpha was designed for use in U.S. military Special Forces gear, which means it can easily adapt to a wide array of activity and environments without the wearer having to remove or add layers to their outfit. This excellent Alpha Lite Bomber is made of low-density fibres which will keep moisture vapor moving freely through the fabric which means it offers incredibly efficient regulation of warmth and transference of moisture at all times to keep you comfortable whatever your adventure.

Versatile Performance, Stylish Visuals

Finding a jacket that both looks the part and provides an impeccable performance come rain or shine is the holy grail for most men but you might just have found it in the shape of the Cold Smoke Co Alpha Lite Bomber Jacket, which can be yours for under $300. Made from the finest materials available and with the sort of understated visuals that add significantly to its versatility, it’s easy to see why this is one of the Californian brands’ most popular pieces of outerwear.

For any man who is looking to add to their line up of outerwear over the next few months and want something that is just about as versatile and cool as it gets, the Cold Smoke Co Alpha Lite Bomber Jacket would definitely be one of our top picks here at The Coolector. Affordable, exceptionally well made and built to last, this brilliant looking jacket will be your go-to piece of apparel come rain or shine over the next few months and beyond.

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