Coldsmoke Apparel Aurora Down Jacket

Finding an apparel brand that can cater to more or less all your clothing requirements is a mighty difficult thing to do but, it’s fair to say, Coldsmoke Apparel come as close to any in our experience here at Coolector HQ. It’s in the outerwear arena that they particularly excel and they’ve proven this fact admirably once again we’ve the fantastic looking Coldsmoke Apparel Aurora Down Jacket.

Whilst winter is (hopefully) in the rear view mirror now and the weather will begin to warm up a touch, there’s always a need for a well made jacket in your wardrobe, particularly if, like us, you live somewhere with notoriously cold weather more or less year round. From what we’ve seen of it, the Coldsmoke Apparel Aurora Down Jacket is the obvious choice and it has an impressive line up of features that will have you wanting it in your own wardrobe.

Well Made American Goods

For those of us who want the reassurances that our products are built to last, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for with the Aurora Down Jacket from Coldsmoke Apparel. This eye-catching piece of outerwear is a combination of fine American tailoring and more modern technical design and performance. Every stitch of the unique chevron quilting on the Aurora Down Jacket has been hand-sewn in New Jersey and the quality really does speak for itself and will stand the test of time.

There are a lot of features with the Coldsmoke Apparel Aurora Down Jacket that will make it appeal to the adventurous sorts amongst you – most notably of which, its ultralight but robust, high-density Japanese ripstop nylon that is both wind and water repellant not to mention extremely abrasion resistant. To ensure it keeps you protected in colder climates, it has been insulated with ethically produced 650 fill goose down.

Delivering a mighty impressive warmth to weight ratio, the Coldsmoke Apparel Aurora Down Jacket may just be the perfect piece of outerwear as we transition from winter into spring and it is not only immeasurably stylish, it is also fantastically versatile and suitable for wear either on a day to day basis or for those adventures into the wild that you’ve got planned.

Built to Last

Coldsmoke Apparel’s Aurora Down Jacket is a fine example of the extra, tangible quality that you get from well-crafted wares and it is built with extreme conditions in mind and will keep you protected from the elements no matter what. Boasting first rate materials throughout and a clever design that makes it so versatile, this is the sort of outerwear that should be accompanying you on adventures anywhere in the world.

For those seeking out their next jacket for all the adventures afoot in 2017, the Coldsmoke Apparel Aurora Down Jacket ticks all of our boxes here at Coolector HQ and this USA-made piece of outerwear is sure to keep you protected from the elements and looking great year round so its a real win, win.

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