Coldsmoke Windbloc Fleece Joggers

We value comfort pretty highly here at The Coolector and we always look for wares that deliver comfort on a par with style and that’s why we’re loving these superb looking Windbloc Fleece Joggers from The Coolector regulars, Coldsmoke.

Offering unparalleled levels of comfort and mighty impressive style to boot, these Coldsmoke Windbloc Fleece Joggers are perfectly suited to wear at home of whilst enjoying outdoor adventures and it is this sort of versatility that we really appreciate and look out for here at Coolector HQ.

Comfort First

The Coldsmoke Windbloc Fleece Joggers are designed with the intention of being suitable for a trip around the world and this means that need to offer the sort of versatility to deal with different climates and the comfort needed for regular wear. It’s safe to say that these Windbloc Fleece Joggers deliver in both departments and their luxurious comfort makes them ideally suited to long haul flights, train journeys and their wind resistance makes them great for keeping you protected in the great outdoors.

Crafted from high-performance Polartec® Windbloc™, which is a windproof mesh with micro-velour backing ideally suited to making sure you stay protected in harsh weather conditions, the Fleece Joggers from Coldsmoke provide an exceptional warmth to weight ratio, wicking properties, elemental protection and are considerably more robust and hard-wearing than most other joggers that you’ll find on the market.

If you’re after some top notch, comfortable joggers for any travels you have planned in 2017, you’re simply not going to find any better candidates for the job that these fantastic Coldsmoke Windbloc Fleece Joggers and we’ll certainly be hoping to be revelling in their comfort ourselves here at Coolector HQ.

Built to Last

Superbly combining comfort with resilience, these Coldsmoke Windbloc Fleece Joggers are the perfect piece of apparel for those who love adventure but also want to remain comfortable when globe hopping. Long haul flights can be notoriously uncomfortable but with a pair of these on, you’ll be in your element and be able to enjoy the flight in style.

Made using the finest materials and designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort to the wearer, these Coldsmoke Windbloc Fleece Joggers are right up our style and comfort loving street here at The Coolector and if you’re equally as adamant on having nothing but the best in the comfort stakes, you’ll be loving them too.

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