Colfax Rucksacks

There are some chaps out there for whom a simple, run of the mill rucksack simply doesn’t cut it – they need something a good deal more functional, durable and versatile to handle the adventures and scrapes that they get into and for those men, there are the awesome looking wares from Colfax Design Works.

The first class rucksacks from Colfax Design Works aren’t your average far and they are a good deal more bespoke and resilient than the norm. For those men who like heading into the wild on adventures or engage in all manner of action packed pursuits, you’ll want a carry that can keep pace and those from Colfax certainly fall into this bracket.

Colfax¬†produces military inspired technical travel goods in small batches and all of their cracking accessories are made in the USA to exacting standards which ensure they won’t let you down during the course of your adventures this summer. Check out a few more shots below:











For those that demand immeasurable quality and unparalleled style from their rucksacks, you’ll find yourself in the right place with Colfax Design and we’re massively impressed with the attention to detail that has gone into the design of their bags and the top notch materials which ensure their resilience and durability. If you’re in the market for a new rucksack over the next few months then you, sir, can call of the search because you’ve likely just found it.

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