Common Fibers SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet

We’re not going to lie, we loved it when wallets transitioned from big, bulky numbers into the more streamlined, understated accessories we see today and so far as the ideal addition to your EDC line up is concerned, this Common Fibers SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet will be tough to beat. Robust, stylish and incredibly versatile, this first class wallet from Common Fibers is perfect for any modern man and has all the storage that the average person needs now we carry less cash and fewer cards.

The SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet from Common Fibers can be yours for a mighty reasonable $69 and comes in a number of different colours to suit your style, including red, blue, grey and green so you can find the perfect one for your everyday carry line up. The stand out hook of Common Fibers comes from the fact that they use carbon fiber heavily in their designs and this is a material which lends itself wonderfully well to the creation of wallets and the SLM Slider is a fine example of this fact in action.

Small But Perfectly Formed

Billed as the slimmest carbon fiber wallet on the market, the SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet from Common Fibers doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your pocket but has more than enough space for all the cards you’re likely to find yourself carrying today such as bank cards, travel cards and membership cards. In total, the SLM Slider has space for four credit cards and has a dedicated space for carry cash as well if you require it.

The SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet from Common Fibers ($69) measures just 4.1″ x 2.8″ so has an extremely streamlined aesthetic in the pocket and a lightweight feel that will be a welcome relief if you’ve been carrying around a bulky wallet filled with cards you don’t use for years. In addition to the space for credit cards, there is also an integrated ID slot where you can keep cards like your driving licence or college ID.

In addition to the five different colours you can choose from on the outside of the wallet, you can also pick from a few different colours on the inside to in order to really make your wallet stand out from the crowd. The ripstop interiors mainly come in black, red and blue but Common Fibers also have a few, more striking, limited edition interiors which include gold, Seattle and an eye-catching USA inspired colour way. The fact you can customise the look and feel of the SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet makes it appeal to us even more here at The Coolector.

Material Matters

Carbon fiber is an incredibly robust and versatile material and that’s why Common Fibers put it front and centre in the design of their products like the SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet. They use a number of different styles of finish with their carbon fiber wallets which includes Twill, Hex, Matte and Wave and each one has its own unique and stylish aesthetic which catches the eye whilst making sure your essential cards are protected whilst your on the go.

The SLM Slider Minimalist Wallet from Common Fibers is definitely one of their stand out accessories and for any man seeking a new wallet this fall or winter, it would be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ. It has everything we’re looking for in the cornerstone piece of your EDC collection such as strength, style and a lightweight, functional design and it’s easy to see why this is one of Common Fibers most popular products – especially as it can be yours for just $69.

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