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The rate at which technology is enhancing, it’s always fairly reassuring, at least to us here at Coolector HQ, to see gadgetry that isn’t afraid to go back to basics from a design perspective and these brilliant looking Como Audio Hi-Fi’s funding over on Kickstarter right now are going to please both those consumers who want an aesthetically pleasing product and those that demand technological superiority.

The Como Audio Hi-Fi comes in two different forms – the Solo and the Duetto – and is the brain child of Tivoli Audio founder Tom Devesto so you know that they come from good stock. These cracking audio solutions boast robust Hi-Fi sound and One-Touch streaming so will neatly nestle into the high octane lives that we typically lead.

It is a magnificent, minimalist hardwood box that provides big, room-filling audio without the requirement for any smart device. Put another way, it is a simple, all-in-one solution for the streaming of your favourite music. Take a look at a few more shots below:








With superior visual appeal and extremely accomplished specifications going on under the hood, it’s little surprise to us here at The Coolector that the Como Audio Hi-Fi is doing so well over on Kickstarter. With internet radio giving you access to over 20,000 radio stations and bluetooth connectivity for synching up with your own favourite playlists, the Como Audio definitely looks like a must have for those after a new, first-rate audio solution. There’s still plenty of time to head to Kickstarter and bag one for a bargain price.

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