Contemplation House

Australia is increasingly one of our favourite countries so far as modern architecture is concerned and there is another to add to our ever-growing list of extraordinary antipodean designs in the shape of Contemplation House from Virginia Kerridge Architect. This majestic piece of design is located in the Byron Bay area of the country and boasts sensational views out to the sea.

Nestled in the unbeatable position of the hills of Byron Bay, Contemplation House has an unparalleled view of the sea and sky, and sits in a private rural and rainforest setting. All seasons of nature can be witnessed firsthand by this house on the hill and the owners are interested in the philosophy of Indigenous peoples and this is reflected in the aesthetic of the home. Among the ideas explored was the idea of the life of a man being a circle from childhood to childhood; another was the idea of connectivity with nature.

Amazing Australian Architecture

The journey through Contemplation House from Virginia Kerridge Architect has a natural movement. The living area responds to the northern sun and the easterly views out to the ocean. The views through the house are never the same and continually orient and inform you. The scale of the house is intimate and engaging and filled with impressive interior design flourishes.

Contemplation House is positioned in a U-shape around a central garden. This means there is a protected area when winds blow from the north-east. There is a space for rest and recuperation at the core of the house, which rapidly became the heart of the house. It is a space to sit and just to be, a source of stillness and quietness, a place to reflect and think. This sense of contemplation is something which is abundantly evident throughout the whole of the house.

Each wing of Contemplation House is effortlessly accessed from the main entry, and the central garden, as well as being a focal point. It becomes a shortcut from the living room to the children’s play area, outside circular deck, and study. The bedroom wing, which is on the southern side, is positioned to look out both east towards the ocean and west. Another stunning addition to the modern architecture scene in Australia.

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