Cool & Vintage 1983 Blacked Out Defender

If you love stealthy steeds and want the ultimate in old school cool in your garage then the guys at Cool & Vintage have definitely got the machine for you with this spectacular looking 1983 Blacked Out Defender which is both outrageously cool and capable off a mighty impressive performance out on the road. Cool & Vintage are the masters of Land Rover Defender restorations and they have proved this once again with this astounding piece of design and build.

Using a 1983 Land Rover Defender as the platform for building this stealthy stunner, Cool & Vintage have hit another home run with this breathtaking restoration job. The Cool & Vintage 1983 Blacked Out Defender is stealthy to its core and has been painstakingly restored in the brand’s Lisbon workshop in Portugal. They have released some thoroughly eye-catching Defenders in their time but this one might just be our favourite to date here at Coolector HQ.

Dark Destroyer

The Land Rover Defender is an uncompromising beast at the best of times but this Cool & Vintage 1983 Blacked Out Defender really is in a league of its own. As with all the restoration projects from this Portugese workshop there is an obsession for detail and a commitment to the essentials that shines through in the completed project and this spectacular steed is currently still available to buy but, if experience has taught us anything, it won’t be for long because the restorations from Cool & Vintage never remain unsold for any length of time.

Supremely stealthy from an aesthetic point of view, the Cool & Vintage 1983 Blacked Out Defender has clearly been restored to the highest possible standard and looks incredible in its no-nonsense blacked-out style. On top of all the hours put into the mechanical work, Cool & Vintage also finished it in a sublime all black colour scheme, and a black canvas top which provides it with the ultimate fly under the radar look and feel.

This mechanical monster is powered by a V8 Petrol engine and boasts plenty of eye-opening features and design touches which includes LED headlights, a top quality mohair soft top, a beautifully appointed, bespoke leather interior, FOX suspension for tackling those off-road adventures, a Marshall wireless sound system, and, last but not least, heavy duty wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich Mud tires which are fit for any adventure on or off the road.

Quality From Top To Bottom

They say if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it so it doesn’t bode too well for your finances if you’ve fallen in love with the Cool & Vintage 1983 Blacked Out Defender because it is price on application which, as we all know, means it ain’t coming cheap. This superbly put together project from Portugal’s premier Land Rover Defender restorers has definitely caught our eye here at The Coolector and it is undoubtedly one of their stand out builds to date.

As mentioned, this one is currently still available though we certainly don’t expect it to stay that way for long because some Defender lover is sure to snap this one up in no time. Classy from top to bottom and boasting excellent materials and components everywhere you look, it is builds like this one that is the reason Cool & Vintage as so respected the world over for the calibre of their Defenders.

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