Cork Nike Air Trainers

We’re not really ones for bold fashion statements here at Coolector HQ but when we came across these mightily impressive Nike Air Trainers crafted from cork, we were a little taken aback by their obvious awesomeness. Whilst we’re clearly incapable of pulling these off ourselves, there are likely plenty of stylish chaps out there who will be able to successfully integrate these stylish trainers into their daily rotation of footwear.

The best element of these trainers from Nike isn’t the fact they are crafted from cork, as you might think, but rather the fact they are customisable to an incredibly precise degree. There is a barely an element of these trainers which you can’t tailor to your own liking, whether this be the colour of the shoelaces to the writing on the reverse, and it is this level of freedom that has left us most impressed at The Coolector.

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We know that footwear is many men’s weakness when it comes to fashion and whilst we’re not as obsessive as many about our choice of shoes, we can certainly appreciate cracking design and customisation and these are both features that these brilliant looking Nike Air Cork Trainers have in abundance.

Price: $190+

Available: Nike

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