Courtney Brown Octopus Typewriter

Writing on a typewriter isn’t something that we’ve done in many a year here at Coolector HQ but there is a certain appeal to using the instrument of creativity championed by the likes of Hunter S Thompson et al but, alas, computers have well and truly shunted them into the shadows but at least this means we’re treated to great pieces of sculpture like this Courtney Brown Octopus Typewriter.

Courtney Brown is an American sculpture specialist and has crafted many impressive pieces of work that leave an indelible impression but it is the, frankly awesome, looking Octopus Typewriter that has really caught our eye at The Coolector.

Using a 1938 Underwood typewriter as the basis for this impressive creation, Brown has bought it to life with great originality by adding some octopus tentacles to the piece and if you’re wanting a striking piece of artwork to bring your creative workspace alive, then this is surely it. Check out a few more shots below:




Brilliantly upcycling an iconic piece of machinery in the form of an Underwood typewriter, Courtney Brown really has made an impressive and memorable sculpture that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ. If you’ve fond memories of when typewriters were the cutting edge of technology and want something to help remember this, then the Octopus Typewriter from Courtney Brown definitely gets our vote.

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