Cowboy Electric Bike

As the popularity of electric bikes grows with each passing year, more and more brands throw their hat into the ring to create the latest and greatest steed for those looking to go electric. Well, you can certainly place this Cowboy Electric Bike at the top table as not only does it look superbly stealthy, it also has an array of mighty impressive design features that are going to appeal to those who want to get their hands on a top performing electric bike.

Cowboy are a Belgian company that have made it their goal to develop an innovative electric bike that is geared towards those urban riders out there. The main goal of the Cowboy Electric Bike is to improve mobility around the city and ensure that commuters can get to their destination quicker and safer than ever before. This stunning steed weighs in at a mere 16 kilos and has integrated front and rear safety lights, a built-in brake light and built-in hydraulic brakes, which all combine to deliver a thoroughly impressive performance.

Stealthy Style

The first thing that you notice about the Cowboy Electric Bike is its wonderfully stealthy aesthetic which gives it an air of effortless cool that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ. It is billed as design meeting technology and it’s hard to argue with that because it is probably one of the most attractive looking e-bikes we’ve encountered at The Coolector and it is positively chock full of intuitive and innovative design features which will help to set it apart from the other electric bikes on the market.

Much more than just an electric bike, the Cowboy has a live dashboard, navigation, GPS tracking and ride stats, their app will ensure that any ride you take is more than just a ride and becomes an adventure in its own right. It becomes a whole new experience and provides the sort of simple but invigorating riding experience that we all want when climbing aboard two wheels. Boasting intuitive motor assistance which consists of intelligent speed and torque sensors which will kick in the motor-assistance system when you start to pedal. What this essentially means is that you ride like you always do, but will go faster than ever before.

The battery of the Cowboy Electric Bike is both powerful and removable as it is integrated into the seat tube for quick access for when you want to take it off and it is easy to port around in a backpack. With a range of 50KM and just 2.5 hours to fully charge, the Cowboy Electric Bike gives you a lot of freedom to enjoy urban adventures. It has integrated safety lighting, including a rear brake light, which is important when riding in urban environments and also delivers an elevated aesthetic to the bike as well.

Great Design Features

On top of the impressive performance, the Cowboy Electric Bike also has some super cool features throughout the design which have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ. This includes Brooks® Cambium Comfort Grips – their best rubber handlebar grips with organic cotton for natural look and feel, hydraulic brakes, an eye-catching battery display, Schwalbe® G-One Allround tires – with their smooth-rolling G-One profile which make riding a pleasure on all types of terrains and a carbon belt which provides a robust, clean, maintenance-free transmission.

For anyone on the lookout for a top of the range electric bike, the Cowboy is sure to fit the bill perfectly. With a price tag of €1790, it’s a fairly priced ride considering all the excellent features that it has to offer and we’re particularly fond of its stealthy visuals here at The Coolector. Great design and build quality combine to make this one of the finest looking electric bikes to date and this Belgian workshop are definitely a name to keep an eye on in the future.

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