Cracked Log Lamp

Choosing furniture is something that is quite divisive and there will be those who want to follow the crowds and choose items that are regular and those who want to think outside the box a little and fill their homes with items which dare to be different. For the latter, there is this extraordinary creation from Duncan Meerding called the Cracked Log Lamp which will add an extra level of cool to your home.

The Crack Log Lamp is, as the name implies, crafted from a cracked log but the visual appeal is simply beyond compare and is made all the more jaw-dropping when you consider the fact that the designer of these eye-catching pieces of furniture is legally blind.

Using warm yellow LED lighting to create the light effect, the Cracked Log Lamp is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used as you see fit i.e. as a stool, a table or just a light feature in its own right. Take a look at a few more shots of this incredible construct below:





Visually magnificent, brilliantly conceived and extremely versatile, these Crack Log Lamps from Duncan Meerding are exactly the sort of design projects that we fall for here at Coolector HQ and it truly is a testament to Meerding’s design prowess that he is capable of producing such beautiful furniture despite being legally blind.

Costing around $650 Australian dollars, these pieces are by no means cheap but you get what you pay for as they say and we can think of few pieces of designer furniture that we’d rather add to our headquarters than these this summer.

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