Craft A Brew Beer Brewing Kit

Beer is, it’s fair to say, somewhat of a passion of ours here at Coolector HQ but, despite our love of the amber nectar, we’ve yet to try brewing our own but that might be soon about to change now that we’ve come across these awesome looking Craft a Brew Beer Brewing Kits.

Craft a Brew are an Orlando based beer lover and their smashing Beer Brewing Kits are unquestionably right up our ale loving avenue. If you’re a fan of branding, as we are, then you’ll be just as enamoured with the look of these kits as the fact that they help you create some delicious brews for your own enjoyment. Available in a number of different varieties to match your own beer predilections such as Intergalactic Pale Ale, Bone Dry Irish Stout and White House Honey Ale. Check out a few shots below:





In a similar ethos to if you give a man a fish, it will feed him for a day but teach him to fish and it will feed him for life, these beer brewing sets are, well, going to get us drunk a lot is what I guess I’m trying to say.

Within each set from Craft A Brew, you will find everything that you need to make your mouth-watering concoction in your own home and there will definitely be a sense of achievement if what you knock together tastes even half way palatable.

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