Crestwood Residence

Contemporary architecture is something that can take many different forms and for those with a love of sleek, minimalist and understated designs, Crestwood Residence from Ancerl Studio will be right up your street. Boasting a pleasing, stealthy aesthetic from the outside, this classy piece of architecture in Canada has certainly turned our heads here at Coolector HQ and it’s made all the more impressive as the designers were able to create a building that steps back to follow the natural contour and topography of the site which reduces disruption to the existing landscape.

This luxurious, three-storey residential home is a sight to behold and one mighty fine piece of modern design. Crestwood Residence from Ancerl Studio is located on the boundary line between Barrie and Oro-Medonte in Barrie’s much sought after North Shore neighbourhood so there is a real air of exclusivity to this jaw-dropping home in Canada.

Contemporary Canadian Cool

The property is positioned on a sloping hillside plot with mature hardwood trees and overlooks the northern shore of Kempenfelt Bay. This design-focused; modern home is chock full of awe-inspiring design flourishes. On approach to the home and walking through its grand foyer, you can take in its numerous views which connect the home to nature.

Crestwood Residence has achieved a living experience that is comfortable, inspiring and effortless in its execution. The property was carefully placed into the hillside, which provides minimal disruption to the natural landscape and surrounding wood lot. All direct sight lines from the street into the property were minimised and, in contrast, the light permeable rear of the home really capitalises on the breathtaking vistas framing the mature forest and lake.

Each space in Crestwood Residence has a special moment to take in and appreciate. The foyer greets you with light from a 30-foot opening which is where you’ll find the staircase and a large window which illuminates the space. There is a continuous connection to nature courtesy of the thoughtful design decisions such as the living room’s 20-foot-tall sliding wall system, or the glass walled elevator, which ensures the forest views when retiring to the bedrooms on the upper levels.

First Class Design

Ancerl Studio is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary atelier that combines architecture, landscaping, interior, and product design in a holistic cooperative statement and these are all elements which can be witnessed with Crestwood Residence. Even the hidden details of the property have all been considered, such as the flooring radiating warmth or the hot water recirculation system that delivers instant hot water when any faucet is opened.

Wherever possible natural materials have been used without excess. These details complement each other to create a home that is calm, comfortable and inspiring. Ancerl are a new studio on our radar here at Coolector HQ but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the future projects if this brilliant piece of design is anything to go by.

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