Flat Design Heroes

If you’re of a superhero slant like us here at Coolector HQ then you’ll likely keep an eye out for awesomeness relating to super heroes too and, if so, you’ll be equally as impressed with these rather fantastic Flat Design Heroes by American illustrator and comic book aficionado, Jeffrey Rau.

We wish that we had even a modicum of artistic talent here at Coolector HQ but, lamentably, this is simply not the case but this doesn’t prevent us from revelling in the patent awesomeness of others and we’ve fallen pretty hard for these excellent superhero illustrations from the skilled hands of Rau. Capturing some of superhero royalty’s finest, including Captain America, Hellboy, Iron Man and The Hulk, we’ve been left thoroughly impressed with the eye-catching, yet simplistic, look of Rau’s illustrations. Take a look at some of our favourites below:

batman flash hellboy hulk iron man sam superman thing thor

These illustrations have definitely impressed here at The Coolector and the beauty lies in their simplicity. We love illustration and it’s great to see it used so well in relation to superheroes and Jeffrey Rau’s love of comic books definitely shines through in his cracking collection of illustrations.

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