Chargers might not be the most glamourous of accessories to have appended to your keychain but they might just be one of the most essential. Luckily, there are those out there who are making sure that the design of their products matches their usefulness when it comes to charging accessories and a great example of this is the fellas at CulCharge with their great looking charge and data cable that will look great on any set of keys.

The CulCharge device is small and perfectly formed and will add the sort of versatility and functionality that today’s tech obsessed individuals demand. Letting you charge your smartphone from almost any device with USB compatibility, the CulCharge will ensure that you’re never far from a power source and it’s diminutive stature makes sure that it is a lot less cumbersome than many of the other powerbanks on the market. Check out some more shots of the CulCharge below:





If you’re one of the many that finds themselves with a phone battery that dies all too quickly and you’re in the market for a stylish and extremely functional device that’s never far from your side then the CulCharge looks like it might just be the ideal candidate.

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