Cultural Impact by Raid 71

Space Invaders is undoubtedly one of the defining video games of a generation for men of a certain age and we here at Coolector HQ certainly fall within that age bracket and, it is for that reason, we have fallen so hard for this brilliant Cultural Impact Print from a super talented illustrator that goes by the name of Raid 71.

As we live and work within the London area, we are even more enamoured with this fantastically conceived print which captures some fallen invaders in the city of London and we’re so desperate to have one of these prints hanging from our walls that it borders on the ridiculous.

Raid 71, perhaps better known (to his friends) as Chris Thornley, a Manchester based designer and illustrator, is only a recent addition to our ever active illustration radar but now he is on it, you can rest assured there he shall remain. This brilliantly looking Cultural Impact Print by Raid 71 is the illustrator’s take on how videogames have become part of our cultural landscape and, whilst we’re inclined to agree (if we knew want that meant), we’re finding it difficult to look beyond this print’s out and out awesomeness truth be told. Check it out in all its glory below:

cultural impact 2

cultural impact 3

cultural impact 4

cultural impact 5

cultural impact1

If you’re as much as a Space Invaders and illustrative whore as we here at Coolector HQ, chances are that you’ll be already shamelessly lobbing your credit card digits in the direction of Raid 71 but, if not, what are you waiting for?

Price: £40

Available: Raid 71

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