Cwtch Camping, Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is a breathtaking part of the world and for those with a camping inclination, there is simply no better base to explore it than Cwtch Camping.


Camping is something that is quite divisive and it will be entirely dependent on the location, the setting and the great outdoors that you’ve got around you and it is for that reason that we’ve absolutely no hesitations whatsoever in recommending a superb set up that goes by the name of Cwtch Camping in Pembrokeshire in Wales that we recently had the fortune to visit here at Coolector HQ.

Spread across two camp sites on the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales, the Cwtch Camp Sites offer a myriad of accommodation offerings that are a good deal more luxurious than your average tent such as quaint little wooden cabins and spectacularly spacious bell tents that we provide the perfect base for exploring the glorious coast that is to be found in Pembrokeshire such as the stunning beach at Freshwater East and the breathtaking Barafundle Bay.

With one camp completely off grid with no electricity whatsoever and three corking little cabins in the Rosewater area of Pembrokeshire, if you value your own space and love being at one with nature (such as being woken up by squirrels scrambling across your roof in the morning) then this is the camp for you.






With cabins available that sleep two or four, this off-grid extravaganza really is the perfect place to relax and unwind but you better make sure your fire making skills are up to scratch if you want to enjoy a campfire in the evening – luckily the friendly owners of Cwtch leave plenty of fire making supplies around this camp for this very endeavour.

Whilst it is somewhat tricky to find and at the end of some hair-raisingly narrow roads, it’s definitely worth the perseverance¬†to find it because you are rewarded with a wonderfully comfortable stay in rejuvenating solitude.

Their second camp which incorporates bell tents alongside a sprinkling of cabins is at Dewslake Farm in the Lamphey area of Pembrokeshire and affords you not only a supremely comfortable place to lay your head and cook a barbecue, it is also ideally situated for venturing out to other coastal areas in the Pembrokeshire region – we recommend the likes of Freshwater West, Angle and a super cool pub by the name of the Stackpole Inn here at Coolector HQ.

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Pembrokeshire isn’t an area we’ve ventured to before here at Coolector HQ and we’ve definitely been missing out because the region is nothing short of jaw-dropping with beaches that really can rival the best in the world.

Cwtch Camping is the ideal place to go if you really want to experience the great outdoors in this region and we had a magnificent time spending our days on the coast and our nights in these wonderfully well appointed campsites which are run by the extremely helpful Beth Jones.

We’re big fans of nature and the great outdoors at The Coolector and Pembrokeshire offers breathtaking sights aplenty and for those who love spending their nights under the stars and quaffing craft beers by a camp fire, we really can’t think of a better place to go in Wales than Cwtch.

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