Daigno Le Koroc Tiny House Boat

Tiny Homes have become an ever more popular notion for those looking for a small but perfectly formed dwelling but, to date, all the ones we’ve featured here on the pages of The Coolector have been geared towards those wanting to live on land. But what if you’re more of a water dwelling person? Well, you’re in luck because Canadian workshop Daigno have just announced Le Koroc, their very own Tiny Boat House.

The Le Koroc Tiny Boat House from Daigno takes everything we love about the tiny home trend that we’ve increasingly witnessed of late and supplants it on the water for a stunning, functional and versatile living space that is impossible to ignore. Aesthetically striking and with an impressive amount of features and design flourishes, this magnificent piece of design is sure to appeal to those who want a home away from home out on the water.

Innovative Design Concept

Whilst house boats are, of course, nothing new, chances are you won’t have seen anything quite like this Daigno Le Koroc Tiny House Boat before with its striking visual impact and highly innovative design processes which really makes the most of the available space. The flagship product of Daigno, the Le Koroc Tiny House Boat uses clever construction processes and a single-structure laminated timber, which is testament to the Canadian workshop’s constant consideration for the environment throughout the build.

Crafted from laminated white cedar beams, alongside ultra-light and robust plywood, there is an impressive heft and tangible excellence to the Le Koroc Tiny Boat House from Daigno. The exterior flooring of this vessel is made from marine quality plywood overlaid with a vinyl membrane so it will stand tough whatever the weather and wherever your adventures take you. There is a real visual appeal to this water based tiny home and for those that love the concept behind this sort of design practice, you’ll find it hard not to be impressed with this stylish offering from Daigno.

With first class features to be found throughout the design, this is one house boat that is worth getting your sea legs for. Just a few of the more stand out features of this cracking contraption include a complete dashboard/instrument panel with sonar, three luxury Springfield swivel chairs with foot rests, stainless steel washbasin and kitchen faucet, white cedar module and kitchen cabinets and indoor / outdoor recessed LED lighting to keep things illuminated when you need it.

One For Nature Lovers

The overriding objective of Canadian workshop, Daigno, is to create versatile products which are ideal for nature lovers and fishing aficionados. They creations are compact, functional, multi-purpose, environmentally-friendly and a true testimony to the importance that they place on caring for the environment. The lightweight design and architecture of the Le Koroc Tiny House Boat allows for a reduced carbon footprint both on the road, and on water and the living space is effortlessly versatile.

For anyone itching to spend more time out on the open water but want to do it in style and comfort, the Daigno Le Koroc Tiny House Boat is sure to be ticking a lot of your boxes right now. Impeccably made and environmentally friendly, there is so much to appreciate about this magnificent looking construct and it gets two thumbs up from us at Coolector HQ.

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