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We’ve spent years looking for the coolest watches here at The Coolector and whilst many have heralded from Switzerland, we always try to keep a particular eye out for British watchmakers and it’s fair to say we’ve seen few better than Oxford based Pinion to date. One of their most striking series of watches goes by the name of Pure and if you’re after a striking, classy and impeccably well timepiece, this collection does the lot.

The beauty of Pinion Pure Watches essentially lies in their simplicity and wonderfully understated aesthetics. There are so many timepieces out there with mind-boggling complications, overly elaborate designs and outright strange ways of displaying time, that it is frankly refreshing to see a watch that brings everything back to the essence of it all in the shape of this superb series of Pinion Pure timepieces.

Pure Perfection

Already famed for the considerable calibre of their watches, Pinion know what it takes to deliver a well regarded series of timepieces and we’re big fans of this devilishly dapper range from the British watchmaker. The Pure collection of watches from Pinion is presented as six hand-wound timepieces which do a fantastic job of incorporating dial designs in either arabic numerals or professional (‘pro’) styled applied batons and boast visually impactful watch cases in an array of materials and finishes.

The Pure Collection of watches from Pinion are all hand-wound timepieces that utilise a Swiss movement – namely, the Unitas 6498. This delivers a first rate performance for these watches and powers them impeccably from first minute until last. This mechanical movement was first developed to be used in pocket watches in the 1950s which means that it is bigger than most modern watch movements, but it sits effortlessly in the 42mm case size of the Pure.

As the Pure Collection is all about getting back to basics with watches, it has the requirement to wind the timepiece on a regular basis as this lets the owner form that connection with their watch and to discover the delight of it’s slower tick-tick sound that you only really get with older hand-wound timepieces from an era before the 1970s. Aesthetically superior, exceptionally well made and boasting wonderful components, it’s easy to see why the Pinion Pure watches are proving so popular.

Exclusive Offering

There is an air of exclusivity to the Pinion Pure Collection as each of the six different timepieces that form the collection are limited to just 50 pieces so if you like what you see, you’ll need to move quickly to get your hands on one. With the whole assembly of the watch taking place in England, as a finishing touch the Pure will be presented in a handcrafted solid wooden box finished in a stunning high gloss piano black with polished chrome-plated hardware and soft blue inner lining.

For those of you with a love of well made timepieces and a penchant for the understated, the Pinion Pure Collection of watches is the one for you. Elegant from top to the bottom, these majestic looking accessories will make you fall in love with watches again courtesy of their much more traditional and engaging design than most contemporary timepieces on the market today.

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