Dan & Dave Vintage Plaid Playing Cards

We’ve featured an awful lot of playing cards in our time here on the pages of The Coolector and we’re always drawn to striking designs that elevate this simple accessory above the norm and that’s why we always gravitate back to brands like Dan & Dave when it comes to replenishing the card stocks. One of their latest and greatest offerings are the superb looking Dan & Dave Vintage Plaid Playing Cards which are positively dripping in old school cool.

Dan & Dave are masters of sleight of hand and pioneers of cardistry, and it manifests their lifestyle of wonder, prestige, and fashion in the shape of a brilliant selection of wares. From a curated collection to bespoke offerings, the eye-catching brand focuses on a timeless aesthetic for the young at heart and wealthy in mind – and this is something which is certainly showcased with the impeccably stylish Dan & Dave Vintage Plaid Playing Cards, which will significantly enhance the aesthetics of any card games you play this summer.

Vintage Vibes

If you just had one set of playing cards in your possession, it really should be these Dan & Dave Vintage Plaid Playing Cards because their classiness knows no bounds and they represent the ultimate in vintage style. These wonderfully striking playing cards have become a staple in every card man’s collection, and they have been long revered for their considerable quality and timeless aesthetic. Since they sold out years ago, they’ve become highly sought after and undoubtedly one of Dan & Dave’s most popular offerings.

The Dan & Dave Vintage Plaid Playing Cards take their design inspiration from Dan & Dave’s camping trips as children, and each deck pays homage to the great outdoors and the wonders of the wilderness. They’re proud to say that while the original Vintage Plaids hold a special place in their hearts, this new updated design truly is a sight to behold and is, without doubt, one of their finest looking deck of cards to date.

Each colourway with these Dan & Dave Vintage Plaid Playing Cards boasts a brand new letterpress-printed and embossed tuck box which comes replete with glorious gold-lettering, and all-around printing within. Not only have they recreated the box, but they’ve also gone one step beyond and created an all new Ace of Spades design along with four new unique Joker designs (two for each deck). This is one of the coolest looking set of cards we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ and would definitely elevate the enjoyment of any round of poker or blackjack.

Quality Throughout

As with all the products from Dan & Dave, there is a real emphasis on quality with these Vintage Plaid Playing Cards. They have been printed by The United States Playing Card Company with their trademark thin stock, and a premium finish for superior handling when dealing or doing card tricks. The visual impact of these playing cards is right up there with the best of them and you’ll win plenty of admirers when you pull these out to play poker with friends.

Dan & Dave are a go-to brand for a lot of magicians courtesy of the quality of their playing cards and that’s something which is certainly in evidence with these Vintage Plaid Playing Cards. Great to look at with a really impressive attention to detail, you’ll not find any better than this out there and, best of all, they cost just $10.

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