DANGO A10 Titanium Collection

Nobody does EDC better than DANGO in our opinion here at The Coolector and whenever they’ve got new products on their digital shelves, we’re always the first in line. Their latest release, the A10 Titanium Collection, introduces a new material to their already awesome collection of wares. Check out the best bits from their new A10 Titanium Collection below:


The A10 Titanium comes with with DANGO’s popular and unique patent pending quick release rail mechanism on both sides of the wallet that provides simple access to your cards while keeping them safe. On one side of the chassis is a horizontal cavity which can hold up to four cards that is protected by a removable titanium RFID plate. On the other side you’ll find a single card, vertical oriented cavity designed for showcasing identification, badges and any cards that needs scanning; making it ideally suited for accessing secured buildings and boarding public transportation. Also, the A10 Chassis Clip can be effortlessly installed with a single screw to hold additional items like cash and notes.

The Dango A-Series Adapt Wallets perfectly combine specific characteristics and features from its legendary predecessors. It is truly a stand out wallet that shows off all the major attributes of a modular DANGO wallet. The A10 Titanium Wallet requires no tools to quickly adapt from one wallet to another and it can also be used by itself as a awesome slim all aluminium RFID blocking wallet, hold a little more by adding a single pocket adapter, or add a bifold pocket adapter for the highest capacity of storage. ($179)


Positively packed full of premium quality and robustness, the A10 Titanium is designed for the prepper who pays attention to the finer details. Crafted from CNC machined Grade 2 Titanium, before being meticulously hand finished and hand assembled in the USA, the construction, of this wallet is unparalleled in the details. In addition, the feel and weight is substantial in presence, yet simple to carry on a daily basis. 

Titanium is the ultimate in performance metals – as robust as steel but lightweight, naturally corrosion resistant and it boasts self healing properties against minor scratches or damages. Due to these properties, Titanium is a metal that is tougher yet more delicate to machine and alter than any other metal or alloy. DANGO’s latest rendition of the A10 wallet has incorporated Titanium into its DNA, making this wallet the most intricate wallet in all of our product offerings! The A10 Titanium is truly one of a kind. ($209)


Not only does the A10 Bifold Pen Wallet Pocket let you hold up to nine extra cards, it is comes equipped with the Titanium DANGO Pen and Notebook. The Dango pen is CNC machined out of Grade 2 Titanium and equipped with a pressurised ball point Schmidt 4889M black (Made in Germany) ink cartridge.

It’s counter part is the 48-page Dango notebook which can nest perfectly in the A10 Bifold Pocket. The pocket itself is made of our premium, full grain Jet Black leather.

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