Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

Secret Squirrel

Having recently featured a canine orientated coffee here on the pages of The Coolector, we thought it only fair to give a smaller critter a look in via the form of this awesome looking Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee that is currently after some funding over on Kickstarter.

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee is the work of a coffee loving pair, Trevor and Rebecca Smith, who have a love of coffee and, seemingly, a penchant for squirrels. Cold brew coffees are not something that we’ve ever really tried with any great regularity here at Coolector HQ despite our love of coffee but if there was ever anything that was ever likely to coax us in it is a squirrel themed brew so Secret Squirrel is right up our street.

Made from an experimental spirit and a dedication to trying out new ingredients and tastes, we’re definitely rooting for this coffee loving pair to reach their Kickstarter target so we can get our hands on some of the top class looking brews.



secret squirrel

squirrel coffee


Somewhat brilliantly, the Secret Squirrel Kickstarter campaign is hoping to bring coffee growlers to fruition and for that we salute these little coffee / rodent loving fellows. If you’re wanting to get a new coffee kick this summer, the Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffees will doubtlessly hit the spot.

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