Sterling Automotive Jeep Wrangler: Launch Edition

There are certainly no shortage of workshops carrying out custom builds on Jeeps but few are as accomplished as British brand, Sterling Automotive, and this is expertly showcased with their Jeep Wrangler: Launch Edition. Priced at a mighty reasonable £52,995, this extraordinary looking and aesthetically stealthy build is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and if you’re after a vehicle where there is an unparalleled attention to detail in the design, look no further.

Sterling Automotive were born from a desire to enhance vehicles to a luxury standard with striking, bespoke detailing which they make available to their discerning customers. Those after a vehicle from Sterling Automotive are able to fully design their own interiors, exterior body kits, colour choices and wheel design. This amazing Jeep Wrangler: Launch Edition offering does a great job of exhibiting just how accomplished their builds can be.

Superb Stealthy Style

We’re big fans of the stealthy look and feel of this Sterling Automotive Jeep Wrangler: Launch Edition and if you like your vehicles to make their mark, this one will be for you. With just 500 miles on the clock, this one is more or less brand new and has had many awesome additions carried out in the Sterling workshop that elevates its luxury to whole new levels. This includes widened and deepened front wheel arches in body colour to create a more imperious profile.

Capable of doing 0-60MPH in eight seconds and with a top speed of 112MPH, this Launch Edition Jeep Wrangler from Sterling Automotive (£52,995) is one impressive performer. It boasts Sterling’s signature horizontal slot grille which delivers a sophisticated and definite aesthetic and the front bumper and extension pieces creates a tenacious front end simultaneously softening the distance between the grille and the bumper.

Just as impressive on the inside as the outside, this striking Jeep Wrangler from Sterling Automotive has the original front seats re-upholstered in their Signature 3D panelled and perforated leather with heating elements, cooling systems and Sterling embossed branding details to make sure it delivers the most comfortable of driving environments. The front arm rests, centre glove and gear gators have been re-upholstered in matching Signature leather trim to add a real touch of class to proceedings.

Technologically Superior Design

Sterling Automotive have in-house designers and utilise technology that allows them to 3D scan, design and print prototypes in an unrivalled time scale in the UK. Their ethos centres on delivering unparalleled customer service in order to maintain their stringent work ethic and customer values in all their impeccable automotive creations.

This Jeep Wrangler Launch Edition from Sterling Automotive is the sort of vehicle we gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure there will be plenty of others out there equally enamoured by its aesthetic charms. The price tag of just under £53k seems mighty reasonable for such an accomplished machine and we can’t wait to see what else this UK workshop comes up with in the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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