Dango R-Spec Wallets

There are certain brands that we will just gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ when it comes to upgrading our EDC line up and Dango are chief amongst them. This is due to the fact they so consistently release awesome new accessories with the latest being their brand new R-SPEC line up of wallets which are robust and striking in equal measure. Available in two different styles – namely, the M1 R-SPEC ($129) and the D01 R-SPEC ($99) – you can pick the one that best suits your storage and style requirements.

One thing in common with Dango and more or less everyone else out there is the appreciation of solid automobile engineering and flawless auto-body cosmetics – something which is abundantly evident with these glorious looking Dango R-SPEC Wallets. Taking their design inspiration from the fruits of the automobile industry, Dango has created a incredibly eye-catching and special line of wallets called the R-SPEC Edition; with the “R” representing all things sport and race.

Sporty Aesthetic

There is a clear leaning towards the automobile aesthetic in the design of the R-SPEC line of wallets from Dango and that’s definitely something we can get on board with here at Coolector HQ. The Dango D01 Dapper and M1 Maverick R-Spec Wallets were designed for the sophisticated and sporty and contemporary man with an extra shot of adrenaline thrown into the design mix. Dango wanted to not only incorporate clean lines with contrasting materials and textures, but also include the major elements that make up a supreme vehicle.

With a resilient, high-gloss powder coated surface, the Dango D01 and M1 R-SPEC Wallets (from $99) offers an extravagant feel, akin to that of a high gloss paint of a car. The genuine carbon fibre back-plate on these wallets is a reflection of the high-end lightweight components that are used on a car to make it as agile and aerodynamic as possible. In addition, a plush leather interior and stitching craft of an elite car boosts the comfort and tactile feel for the driver, and this was something that Dango felt was important to incorporate with their R-Spec Edition Wallets.

All R-Spec Wallets from Dango are exclusively crafted with a superior quality, top grain leather alongside red stitching to extend the feel you get in a cockpit of a luxury vehicle. Last but not least, one of the most functional parts on the wallet is the silicone band; which is a grippy component that holds everything together during performance – like the wheels and tires of a car – but for your cards and cash. There is a luxurious feel from top to bottom with the new R-SPEC range from Dango and these wallets are already beginning to fly off the shelves like F1 cars on the starting grid.

First Class Components

As we’ve come to expect from all Dango products, the quality of the craftsmanship and materials used for the R-SPEC wallets is second to none and will ensure this accessory remains a part of your EDC line up for many years to come. Some of the stand out features of these wallets include the genuine leather and silicone wallet band that delivers a mighty functional and versatile performance and the anodised aluminium wallet frame which is both lightweight and robust at the same time.

We love the wares of Dango here at The Coolector and these brilliant R-SPEC Wallets (from $99) are amongst their finest offerings to date. For any man after a stylish and head turning wallet for their EDC collection, this is sure to tick all of the right boxes and they are one of our favourite wallets to date from this top class American accessories brand.

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