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A staple of any EDC, the wallet is an important consideration for most men and regardless of your sense of style, we all want something that provides both versatility and functionality. The great selection of wallets from Dango plainly excel in both these areas and, better still, they also offer an unparalleled sense of style to go along with their first rate functionality.

Dango Wallets are the brainchild of Charlie Carroll and Thuan Tran, the co-founders of Dango Products, and they boast the sort of retro styling and exceptional materials that men today typically demand of their everyday carry. We’re impressed with the superb materials used in the crafting of these Dango Wallets here at Coolector HQ and for any man after a robust and stylish piece, look no further.

Decisions, Decisions

The Dango Wallet comes in two different iterations – namely, the Dapper Wallet and the Tactical Wallet – with the latter being a more tooled up version of the former if you’re to put things simply. Nothing but the best materials make it into these expertly crafted wallets and whether its the top grain leather exterior or the CNC machined aerospace grade aluminium metals used on the interior and backplate, there is a tangible quality to these wallets throughout.

Carefully handcrafted and extremely resilient and durable, the Dango Wallets are suitable for carrying up to 12 cards and for thos concerned about their security, they also have RFID blocking technology to help keep your details secured. Extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 2 ounces, the quality of these great looking wallets from Dango is plain to see and the Tactical versions have great additional features such as a built in bottle opener.

With an super slim profile, this isn’t the sort of wallet that will weigh you down and we’re huge fans of the understated yet robust looking aesthetics here at The Coolector. A great combination of materials come together to make these Dango Wallets both look great and deliver an unparalleled performance to boot.

Impressive Craftsmanship

If you’re planning adventures into the wild over the next few months then the Tactical Wallet from Dango will unquestionably be your ideal ally but if its an everyday use wallet you’re seeking, the Dapper is the one for you but, regardless of which you choose, you can rest assured that the quality is second to none.

We love great craftsmanship here at Coolector HQ and that’s all you’ll find with these excellent Dango Wallets. Great to look at and even better in the functionality department, they really are a prime example of a win, win scenario.

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