Daniel Barreto’s Woodhouses

Though we’re not full on believers in Hobbits and what have you here at Coolector HQ, we’re definite believers that its feasible that there’s so neon-signed bars in the middle of the forests out there and this excellent series of photography from Daniel Barreto that goes by the name of ‘Woodhouses’ certainly seems to back up this hypothesis.

This excellent series of photography amalgamates some photos from the streets of Boston with trees in the New Hampshire forest and the end result is a visual delight to say the least. The Coolector would like to believe that there are bars, hotels and nightclubs to be found within the tree trunks in forests and whilst this may be unlikely to say the least, Barreto’s photos certainly heighten the possibility somewhat. It’s even more impressive in GIF format – check these out below:




See more of the talented fella’s work at DBarreto.com.

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