Danish Fuel Bar Cabinets

Most of us are working from home offices right now and, let’s face it, having a tipple or two close to hand in these trying times is definitely a good idea in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Well, if you want to keep the office looking dapper and stylish whilst also having first class functionality, you’ll not go too far wrong with these brilliant Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet.

Priced at €399, the Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet represents a bit of investment but it is certainly one of the most stylish looking additions you’ll have for your workspace at home over the next few months. Made from military surplus stocks, Danish Fuel get old petrol tanks which have been worn into the ground by the military service. After three weeks of intensive upcycling, you can style any space with one of these brilliant Danish Fuel cabinets that come in an array of colours and styles to match your needs.

New Colours for 2020

The guys at Danish Fuel have released plenty of new colourways to choose from for 2020, including our favourite of Racing Green here at Coolector HQ, which takes its name from the green international motorsport colour in the UK. This stems from the Gordon Bennett Cup in 1903, which was held in Ireland when motorsport was illegal in England.

These Danish Fuel Bar Cabinets are ideal for storing your favourite tipples close to hand during your home working escapades. Danish Fuel original Jerry Cans are upcycled salvage and the Jerry Cans have been preserved wonderfully well and are a pleasing homage to these iconic accessories from World War II.

 Jerry Cans were developed in the 1930s for military use. The fuel had to be carefully and efficiently stored and transported to aid soldiers and war machines on the frontlines. Without fuel, tanks couldn’t drive, and without these tanks, the war would be lost. You can have a piece of military history in your own home and with a repurposed function that will store your spirits and beers in some considerable style.

Wonderfully Well Made

It is clear that Danish Fuel have put a lot of care and attention into upcycling these amazing Jerry cans and they have been given an entirely new lease of life. They use high-end machinery such as a specialised furnace to remove old rust and paint. They also use sandblasting equipment, laser cutter, CNC milling, moulds to make plywood. It all happens on four different locations and many Danish factories are involved in the process of making these first class home bars.

We love having a tipple or two whilst working here at The Coolector and if, like us, you want to ensure you maintain an effortlessly cool aesthetic to your interior design endeavours, these Danish Fuel Bar Cabinets made from Jerry cans will more than fit the bill. The price tag of €399 isn’t cheap of course but it is an investment in style and quality craftsmanship.

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