Danner Bull Run Boots

Danner are a brand positively synonymous with quality so far as boots are concerned and it’s because of releases like these fantastic looking Bull Run Boots that they have garnered this reputation. This new release expertly showcases their talents in producing boots that look great but also deliver in the performance department and these Bull Run Boots from Danner will excel for both work and play.

The Danner Bull Run Boots have prices starting at around the $200 mark and this is a mighty fair price for such a quality piece of footwear and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on a pair here at Coolector HQ. These reliably rugged boots from Danner are crafted in the USA with a real focus on quality that goes back to 1932. The Bull Run is a utilitarian work boot with a timeless design that stays in style when you punch out. The full-grain leather upper is the perfect blend of strong and soft. Combine that with the sturdy Danner Wedge outsole and you get all-day comfort that lasts a lifetime.

Best Foot Forward

Effortlessly strong yet pleasingly flexible, these Danner Bull Run Boots are one of the finest releases to date from the American footwear brand. Selecting the perfect leather is the most important aspect of creating an unlined work boot and this is something that Danner excel in. It must be robust but it must also be soft. Through seven different tests, Danner have graded leather hides in strength, density, and pull. They have watched how the leather would conform to the foot with age, and they ensured that it was strong enough to stand up to work environments for years to come.

As you would expect, comfort is a key with the Danner Bull Run Boots and it emulates a classic work boot, one that you’d pull out of your grandpa’s closet in hopes that it fits but with plenty of contemporary features that sets it apart from the competition. With the Bull Run, Danner have taken that classic design and updated it with modern comfort. They’ve engineered the fit to flow with the anatomy of the foot and to allow room for a soft and sturdy footbed, which delivers a fit focused on both comfort and long lasting support.

Craftsmanship is something that is always front and centre of the thinking for Danner and this shines through in their Bull Run Boots. Quality craftsmanship is found in the details that are unseen, like shaving down panels of leather prior to stitching and working the creases of the upper to create a more secure fit. These are the standards that were set in 1932 when the first Danner boot was made, and these are the same standards that ensure the USA-made Bull Run is a work boot that is built to last.

Quality Materials

These first class Bull Run Boots have full grain, oiled leather upper and after incorporating oil into the tanning process, Danner take the oiled, full-grain leather and put it through a series of rigorous testing to make sure its strength and durability are second to none. This form of leather is much more resistant to water and other liquid damage and requires less maintenance over time so these boots will last you for many years to come.

For any man after an exemplary boots as we head into 2020, these Bull Run Boots from Danner would certainly be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ. They have a stitch down construction which has been handcrafted to provide a wider platform, making Danner’s legendary stitchdown capable of offering increased stability underfoot. Many of Danner’s stitchdown boots can also be recrafted as well.

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