Heading into the wild for some autumn camping adventures will be on the agenda for a lot of men over the next few months and, needless to say, some impromptu BBQing will be a must and that’s why having a reliable, good quality portable grill will be an essential undertaking before making the trip. Well, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more accomplished portable offering than the SKOTTI Grill which is a no-nonsense offering which just focuses on doing one thing well – namely, grilling.

The SKOTTI Grill is billed as the most spontaneous grill in the world and it is ideally suited to those who love to throw a BBQ at the drop of a hat. Regardless of whether you’re hiking, camping, going to a festival, heading to the beach or just enjoying a few craft beers in the back yard with friends, the SKOTTI Grill has got your back. Incredibly lightweight at just 2.5kg, the SKOTTI is mighty robust though and will more than keep pace regardless of where you plan on taking it. It can be taken apart into smaller pieces which makes it much easier to take on camping and day trips.

Get Your Grill On

Having the capacity to have a cook out on a whim is definitely something that is going to appeal to a lot of people and with the SKOTTI Grill you can do exactly that. Very fairly priced at just €159, this excellent looking grill is incredibly easy to assemble and will be up and running in as little as one minute so you won’t have long to wait to start tossing those burgers and hot dogs on the grill. It uses environmentally friendly gas and will cool back down in as little as 20 minutes so by the time you’ve finished eating, you’ll be able to pack the SKOTTI up and be on your way again.

The SKOTTI Grill is quite unlike other grills on the market as there is no need to carry heavy parts or even coal bags. You just put it together and there it is, ready to grill. No matter where or when or how, you just grill. It will effortlessly fit inside a 25L backpack so when you’re heading on hiking and camping trips, it will be easy to have the SKOTTI right by your side when you get hungry. Crafted from stainless steel, the SKOTTI Grill is incredibly robust and easy to keep clean.

Highly versatile in performance, the SKOTTI Grill is a real all-rounder in the way it can be used. Though it is designed to be mainly used with gas, you can also use other solutions when cooking with this grill such as wood and charcoal which will deliver a great cook but perhaps not quite at the same speed as with the gas fire. All the essential parts are made from stainless steel and even the gas hose and the regulator are designed for durability so you don’t need to worry about your grill getting damaged whilst out in the wild.

Versatility & Performance

Most portable grills are not as robust as you’d probably want but the SKOTTI Grill is different and puts the emphasis on combining durability with cooking performance. The lightweight nature of this grill really makes it stand out but unlike most lightweight grills it has been built to last and you will likely be taking it with you on many camping trips and beach days out for years to come.

Available for under €200, the fantastic looking SKOTTI Grill is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and we’re pretty sure anyone with camping trips afoot will have had their heads turned as well. This great looking bit of kit is as portable as they come but combines this portability with an unparalleled cooking performance as well so it’s the definition of a win, win.

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