Danner x Timbers Jag Boots 2019

Celebrated bootmaker Danner has joined forces with the Portland Timbers soccer club to build these rugged-looking and ultra-durable hiking boots. This footwear is right at home splashing its way down a gorge or powering you through the hiking trail on a summer day. These boots show off Danner’s distinctive retro styling, and they manage to say “timeless” without looking old-fashioned in the slightest — like another of our recent favourites.

They also contain the latest foot-saving technologies — without looking at all like a misplaced pair of spacesuit boots. If you try to live a life that takes you to unexpected places, you won’t be able to get enough of the Danner X Timbers Jag. These shoes are for people who don’t want to sacrifice a drop of style in the name of performance. And, perhaps best of all, you can get them on your feet for just $160.

What to Know About the Timbers Jag

So, what do you need to know before you buy?

You can immediately show your team spirit with the colors of the Portland Timbers, of course. But let’s take a closer look at some of the practical matters you probably want to know about a new pair of boots:

  • Stylishly waterproof: Danner’s 100% waterproof barrier is more than enough to keep you dry and comfortable when you have to be on your feet all day long.
  • Durable, aesthetically pleasing construction: An almost royal-looking green nylon graces the tongue and the upper, while the sides and toe are finished with tough, chocolatey leather. This construction passes test number one for buying men’s shoes — appraising the materials’ durability.
  • Excellent cushioning and support: Danner used an open-cell polyurethane to shed heat and help keep the air moving. They feel like a dream to walk or hike in.
  • Timeless styling that won’t show its age: The Timbers Jag shows off its retro flair with a waffle-style outsole and polished lace catches that suggest old brass. Like all fine but capable artifacts, we anticipate these boots will age gracefully — largely thanks to their durability and clever styling.

Craftsmanship Traditions Pay Off

What do you need to know about Danner’s craftsmanship? How about the fact that these boots have outfitted loggers and pioneers since America’s Pacific Northwest was tamed? Danner boots are made for adventure. The company’s been around for almost a century — and they seem as meticulous today about choosing materials and crafting long-lasting boots as they did on day one.

Even a glance at the boots in their lineup suggests a brand that isn’t going anywhere and isn’t interested in compromising. And yet, these aren’t clunky woodsman’s boots. Each one looks undeniably modern while also timeless. While Danner has smoothened the harder edges over their boot-making years, these are still as rock-steady and capable as any we’ve seen, despite their beauty. One look at the aggressive tread pattern and thick-but-forgiving outsole will have you jonesing for a rockslide or a gorge to clamber up.

The Jag from Danner comes in other color combinations including Gray/Blue Wing Teal, Barley, Midnight, Brown/Khaki and Slate Gray/Lava Rock. Each one sports slightly different combinations of leathers and textiles. For us, though, the Timbers variant could be the best-looking member of the lineup. And we can’t picture an activity where the Timbers Jag couldn’t pull its weight.

Adventure Ready Footwear

Of course, since they’re non-insulated, don’t expect to get any extended winter backpacking done. But these have years of three-season hiking and urban exploring built right into them. We’re fans of buying for life when we can, so this is your reminder to buy boots for years of use instead of months.

Being choosy once can save you from years of repeat purchases. Also, remember to re-measure your feet any time you buy a new pair of shoes. In this case, being choosy means making a purchase with the power of heritage behind it. For that, Danner’s Timbers Jag fits the bill perfectly.

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