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Men love wallets and once they’ve found one that fits in with their requirements chances are they will use it until they’ve run it into the ground. We’re always on the hunt for cool looking, versatile wallets here at Coolector HQ and we’ve found a belter in the form of the Dax Wallet which is currently funding over on Kickstarter.

The DAX wallet is billed as the world’s first cascading pull tab wallet and this is a definite aesthetic advantage (not to mention a functionality one) that it holds over other wallets on the market and it offers plenty of style to go along with its versatility. It’s impossible to ignore that wallets for men are now a good deal more minimalist than they used to be now that we seldom carry around cash anymore and this is something that we’re definitely happy about because it leads to ace looking wallets like the DAX.

Getting access to your array of cards quickly and efficiently is something that any modern wallet has to provide and this is an area in which the DAX wallet positively excels. You can check out a few more shots below:









We love a good wallet here at Coolector HQ and the DAX looks very much as though it’s a great one. With a splash of colour, intuitive design and a whole host of colourways to choose from, it isn’t difficult to see why it’s already bossing it on Kickstarter and if you want to get one for a cracking price, you should head over there now.

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