Der Ziesel Offroad Vehicle

We’re currently between vehicles here at Coolector HQ and we’re constantly on the lookout for a set of wheels that might fill the void. Well, as it turns out, we should have perhaps not been so preoccupied with wheels and turned our attention to treads instead because I think we’ve just stumbled across our next steed in the form of this magnificent looking Der Ziesel Offroad Vehicle.

As the rather excellent video above admirably illustrates, the Der Ziesel makes light work of most terrains and will definitely make any morning commute a good deal more interesting. The machine has a distinct Frankenstein vibe to it insomuch as it is a hybrid between two separate vehicles – namely, a M1 Abrams Battle Tank and a Hoveround mobility scooter – and the devilishly dangerous looking number will get you a top speed of around 22MPH on a variety of different terrains including snow, mud, grass and sand.

The behemoth of a machine boasts plenty of impressive specifications that point to why it has such an eye-catching performance and just a few of these include a double-suspension arm chassis which allows for the perfect traction for every scenario, high precision, speed contingent steering-system fully controlled by one intuitive joystick and powered by an intelligent ion lithium battery. Check out this beast below:





Price: $30,000

Available: Der Ziesel.

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