BookBook Travel Journal

Most people like to travel light, but functionally, nowadays and it is invariably difficult to find a stylish carryall that will cater to the vast amount of technology and other detritus that we’ve accumulated and try and carry around with us – such as iPads, notepads, phones, chargers and everything that comes with it.

Well, we’ve found the perfect candidate for the role of being our universal carrier in the form of this devilishly spiffing BookBook Travel Journal which is undoubtedly amongst the most stylish that we’ve ever encountered. For regular travellers or commuters, a highly functional storage solution is a must and this exquisite offering has definitely caught The Coolector’s eye. This excellent offering is the work of Twelve South, who exclusively make accessories for Apple devices having completely discounted the merits of PCs. When they make goods as eye-catching and stylish as the BookBook Travel Journal, who are we to argue with their Mac love-in? Check out this uber-cool looking number below:



As you can see, the BookBook Travel Journal is a master of disguise and, at first glance, looks just like a lovely leather-bound book and it’s not until you’ve opened it up that you can see the Tardis like nature of the excellent accessory.

Price: $100

Available: Twelve South.

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