DeskSpace Handcrafted Solar Mood Lamp

We love having a workspace that inspires creativity and productivity here at The Coolector and we find that one of the main components of an efficient workspace is having some great looking, design inspired bits and pieces to fill your desk with. They won’t come much better for those of an astrological mindset than this cracking DeskSpace Handcrafted Solar Mood Lamp which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak and will add a great visual punch to your workspace.

The DeskSpace Handcrafted Solar Mood Lamp is available for just $79 during the Kickstarter campaign (down from the expected retail price of $109) and it is made from Golden Calcite gemstone which is well known for its mesmerising texture and clarity. It works as a mood lamp so that when it is illuminated it will brilliantly recreate the beauty of the Sun shining and give a warming glow to your workspace or side table.

Let There Be Light

The sun is the most powerful force in our solar system and it represents life and brings light into our day. DeskSpace aim to recreate this life force with their Sun Mood Lamp funding over on Kickstarter right now. It has been crafted using Golden Calcite – to allow the light to spread within the sphere and to radiate into the room. DeskSpace strive to create each piece individually, which is important because it ensures yours is as unique as you are. They will handcraft each set and polish it to perfection so it really brings a whole new dimension to your workspace aesthetic.

The DeskSpace Handcrafted Solar Mood Lamp on Kickstarter is both beautiful and stylish and it will make for the most wonderful and timeless gift that is designed to last a lifetime. The soft glow it emits is ideally suited for bedrooms, to create an ambient environment in a lounge or a first class desktop accompaniment to enhance the visual appeal and lighting of any workspace. Whether you use the Solar Mood Lamp as a nightlight or to add gravitas to your desk, it will look great one and the same and the fact it is currently available for under $100 seals the deal for us here at Coolector HQ.

This eye-catching Solar Lamp from DeskSpace is the first product in their new contemporary range which delivers a more modern feel by using metal instead of hardwood. The new contemporary range combined with their classic range means DeskSpace can fit perfectly into any style of home or working environment. They began to make this distinction with the base, which uses aerospace grade aluminium that has been anodised to a Deep Space Grey. The highly mirrored finish of the logo perfectly sets the tone for this piece and the added technology of a bespoke magnetic charging cable gives you an understated but unmissable accessory to bring light to your home or workspace.

A Question of Size

The DeskSpace Handcrafted Solar Mood Lamp on Kickstarter is available in three different sizes and each can have the LED lighting adjusted to fit your mood or size of space you’re looking to illuminate. The light emitted can range from a soft mood light to a brighter focal point – but always the Golden Calcite ensures the light is diffused and softened – so as to deliver the sort of aesthetic o diffused sunlight that DeskSpace are looking to achieve.

Available for the bargain price of just $79 during the Kickstarter campaign, you’ve still got time to get your hands on one before it goes up to full price. If you’ve long been searching for the perfect mood light next to your bed or want to give your workspace a more celestial feel then you’ll get all this and much more with the superb looking DeskSpace Handcrafted Solar Mood Lamp.

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