Cool and Vintage N77 Land Rover Defender

We’ve got more than a slight soft spot for custom built Land Rover Defenders here at Coolector HQ and there is one workshop in particular that have been capturing our imagination for years – namely, that of Cool And Vintage. They consistently produce some of the most eye-catching and impeccably restored Land Rovers you’re ever likely to encounter and for those of you that share our love of this uncompromising steed, their latest built, the N77 Land Rover Defender, is going to be right up your street.

The Cool And Vintage N77 Land Rover Defender is unquestionably one of the workshop’s most visually striking and colourful to date and it is definitely going to be turning heads and catching eyes everywhere it goes. Currently still up for grabs, you’ll need to move quickly to get your hands on the N77 because the custom creations of Cool And Vintage never hang around for long and one as awesome looking as this will be surely snapped up in no time at all.

Bold & Vibrant Finish

Needless to say, the first thing that you will likely notice about the N77 Land Rover Defender from Cool And Vintage is the mighty striking custom artwork that has been implemented on the frame of the machine and looks nothing short of extraordinary when parked up or in motion. The chassis of this Land Rover Defender customisation has been hand-painted by Lisbon artist Vasco Costa and the bold visuals will make this the most stand-out vehicle on any block in the world.

The attention to detail that goes into all the restoration jobs from Cool And Vintage is always second to none but they’ve cranked things up a notch with this exemplary offering. The Cool And Vintage N77 uses a 1983, Land Rover 110 with a V8 engine as its jump off point and the classic style of this contraption perfectly serves the artistic update it has been treated to from Portugese artist, Vasco Costa.

As always, the interiors of the restoration jobs from Cool And Vintage are just as impressive as the exteriors and the N77 build is certainly no exception. This time around they have bespoke black Connolly leather trim throughout the interiors which adds a considerable touch of class to the aesthetics and makes for a mighty comfortable ride whenever you head out on the search for adventure. It also excels from a technological and audio point of view with Marshall audio equipment used to deliver first class aesthetics and sound performance for all your journeys.

Mind Blowing Performance

The Cool And Vintage N77 Land Rover Defender has a great contrast of colours with the more understated matte medium grey paint job being coupled with the much more visually arresting artwork from Vasco Costa and it has a black high quality zipper soft top finish which makes it ready and waiting for all your outdoor adventures in 2019 and beyond.

If you’re the one that is lucky enough to get your hands on the Cool And Vintage N77 Land Rover Defender, you’re going to be treated to a stunning contraption that looks amazing and takes no prisoners from a performance perspective. The Cool And Vintage workshop always go above and beyond to ensure they use nothing but the best components in their restoration work and you’ll see this for yourself with the N77.

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