DeskSpace Lunar Surface

We’ve got a real soft spot for moon-themed pieces of design here at Coolector HQ and look to surround ourselves with them in our workspace which brings us nicely onto this excellent little Kickstarter project by the name of the DeskSpace Lunar Surface. If you’re equally as lunar obsessed as us, this lets you bring its iconic surface down into your home in an engaging and aesthetically superior manner.

The DeskSpace Lunar Surface on Kickstarter is a highly attractive workspace accessory and available for the bargain price of just $75 during the crowdfunding campaign. This superb offering captures humanity’s boldest steps and it is the most detailed model of the lunar surface currently available at this scale so it’s easy to see why it has already doubled its funding target already on Kickstarter with a month still to go.

Intricately Designed

This clever workspace accessory from DeskSpace has been created using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The stunning typography of the far side of the moon has been painstakingly recreated using jewellery-grade concrete. Each one is hand-finished and presented on a precision machine space-grade aluminium base to make this a truly unique and breathtaking item that will be the focal point of any lunar lover’s workspace.

The DeskSpace Lunar Surface ($75) is available in two different sizes, and this lunar surface display item is wonderfully well presented in its own gift box. The larger version can be wall hung or displayed on a shelf, while the smaller one is perfectly suited to being part of a coffee table display or as a desk top item that will draw admiring glances aplenty. The large version measures 180mm x 180mm showcases the most iconic areas of the moon surface that is littered with craters due to the constant bombardment of meteorites across many millions of years. This gradual disintegration of the lunar surface gives it its distinctive aesthetic that we all know and love.

Using data from NASA, DeskSpace have faithfully recreated the moon’s stunningly cratered typography from top of the range, jewellery grade concrete. When highlighted under a direct light source, it is striking and intricately detailed – which makes it almost as beautiful as the real thing. Having a small piece of the moon as a stylish display item makes a unbeatable present for anyone who holds an affinity for the stars and space. 

Excellent Materials

DeskSpace worked tirelessly to find the exact mineral that was most suitable to represent the complexities and character filled landscape of the lunar surface. It is clear that they have carefully selected only craftsmen who create jewellery from concrete. Portland cement is used as the foundation for each moulded concrete part, with the level of bubbles carefully controlled and each piece coming out entirely unique – which means no one will have one quite the same as yours.

Funding for the brilliant price of just $75 during the Kickstarter campaign, it won’t cost the earth to add some moon-like quality to your workspace in 2020. Each Lunar Surface from DeskSpace comes in a high-quality ridged gift box, with the concrete model and base protected with layers of EVA foam. The set also boasts a bespoke information booklet, letter of authenticity with a unique serial number and a cleaning cloth.

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