iKamper Rooftop Tents

We’re not going to lie, the prospect of heading out into the wild for a bit of restful solitude is a mighty attractive proposition right now and if you’re of a similar mindset, you may well want to invest in one these brilliant iKamper Rooftop Tents. Ideally suited to road-trip style camping adventures, these brilliant outdoor accessories from iKamper come in a number of shapes and sizes to suit your budget and camping requirements.

iKamper are firm believers that the best times are those spent traveling, discovering the world with those you love most and use the Kerouac quote, “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road“, as the driving force behind their first class camping creations. The excellent iKamper Rooftop Tents will deliver considerable comfort and versatility to all your road-trip adventures in 2020 and beyond and if you dream of hitting the road in search of wilderness relaxation in the coming weeks and months, this is the product for you.

Camp in Style & Comfort with iKamper

The main product from iKamper is their fantastic SkyCamp Tent which is built for comfort and functionality. It takes just one minute to set up and has sufficient space to sleep four people which will make it the ideal camping ally for families or friends hitting the road in search of new locations and adventures. Boasting a clever design whereby the floor folds out into a king-size mattress, and with the latest build iKamper have increased the memory foam thickness by 50% compared to the original Skycamp.

Priced at $3899, the iKamper SkyCamp Tent is suitable for a family of two adults and two children who will be able to sleep comfortably within, or up to three adults. You won’t find another hard shell rooftop tent as spacious as the iKamper. They do also offer smaller sizes such as the SkyCamp Mini ($3499) which is a rooftop tent suitable for two adults so will work great for couples on road trips across the country. Whichever you go for, you’re getting craftsmanship and attention to detail that is beyond compare.

One of the best features of these rooftop tents is the Skycamp’s signature Skyview window which gives you extra light by day and a view of the stars by night. The rain fly can be rolled up when you’re not using it, which delivers extra ventilation on those hot summer nights. The windows consist of three parts: an inner see-through vinyl window, a mesh one, and an outer polyester one. The outer window can either be rolled up or turned into a canopy depending on how you want to use it.

Extremely Versatile Design

The beauty of the iKamper SkyCamp Rooftop Tent comes from just how versatile it is and the fact it will fit on more or less any vehicle courtesy of their universal mounting system which allows it to fit on most cross bars on the market. Each one is made with utmost quality in iKamper’s own factory, and they assemble every Skycamp themselves and the product is certified to the highest international standards so you needn’t have any concerns about this awesome piece of camping apparatus.

Priced at $3899, the SkyCamp from iKamper will be a great investment for any couple of family that take regular road-trips in search of camping adventures. Its fast, easy set up is only doable due to the clever design and the quality of every element. iKamper have spent years honing the Skycamp’s folding design to deliver a ridiculously comfortable tent that literally anyone can set up.

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