Detroit Watch Company

When thinking of Detroit watchmakers today, most people will instinctively think of Shinola and all they have done to help rejuvenate the manufacturing industry in the floundering city but there are other manufacturers of first rate timepieces in the once thriving city and the latest to have come to our attention go by the name of the Detroit Watch Company and their superb series of watches will surely appeal to all horology fans.

The Detroit Watch Company is the creation of a husband and wife team, Patrick and Amy Ayoub, who have spent the last 11 years perfecting their craft of producing eye-catching timepieces and the end result is some truly stunning looking watches that are certainly right up our street here at Coolector HQ. With a love of the city of Detroit acting as their catalyst, the Detroit Watch Company has now got an impressive array of watches under their wing and you can check out a few more shots of the timepieces from this fledgling brand below:






We’re always looking for new watch brands here at The Coolector and when we find those as great as the Detroit Watch Company, it’s always a heartening experience. What they lack in heritage they more than make up for with good intentions and a desire to create great looking timepieces that will help put Detroit back on the manufacturing map. Classical in design and made from top quality parts, these watches will find favour amongst those men after a stylish and affordable timepiece in 2015.

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