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If you’re several Hail Mary’s short of a saint, look away now. Good Fucking Design Advice are almost certainly the most brazen brand we’ve had here at The Coolector, but we absolutely love their approach. Feeling sorry for yourself? “Think about all the fucking possibilities”, not getting the results ”Work fucking harder”, suffering from self-doubt? “Believe in your fucking self”; these beauties come straight from the horse’s mouth, with a variety of mugs, plaques, tee-shirts, notebooks, and more offering no-holds barred gutless advice to overcoming life’s little niggles.

With a brand spouting so much panache, you’d expect equally as crazy visionaries, and, to be frank, they’re pretty colourful. Brian Buirge describes himself as the good cop with interests in Kung-Fu films, sushi, experimenting with food, and Ninja Turtles; whilst Jason Bacher is the bad cop with interests in ironing, selling wallpaper, lead pencils, and simplicity. Check out some of our favourite wares from GFDA below:

C101-P_1_Sketchbook-set_retina_07-09-2013_grande D103_1_Work-fucking-harder_retina_07-08-2013_grande G103_1_Coaster-Set_retina_07-08-2013_grande G105_1_Bold-roast-coffee_standard_07-11-2013_grande

After the laughter dies down it’s worth remembering that both Brian and Jason are serious entrepreneurs, and their aim is to inspire. Contrary to predictability, we stand firm on the notion that more companies shouldn’t follow this form of brand identity, as it would compromise everything the lads have worked so hard to achieve. And you can see their mantra below:

I, _________________, hereby swear to abandon all fear; to question everything; to trust in myself; to honor those before me as I excel, and to support those who follow as they ascend. I swear that I will never accept another’s standard for success, as I set mine one measure higher. When I am finished, no one will ever fucking look at _________________ the same way again.

So if after reading this you begin to fancy yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur then great, good for you. But by all means, the second we find a moronic mug down the local marking saying “Just shitting do it” or “Sketch more shitting ideas” we won’t be enthused, and in the words of GFDA “Carve your own fucking path”.

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