Deus Cycleworks Pegasus Bike

Deus Ex Machina are a brand that have regularly popped up on the pages of The Coolector but it has always been as a result of their amazing looking motorbikes so imagine our delight when we discovered this amazing looking Pegasus Bicycle from the Deus Cycleworks arm of the company that, quite frankly, might just be the coolest looking bike we’ve seen this year.

The Deus Cycleworks Pegasus Bike is crafted from the workshop’s favourite material, steel, and boasts the sort of industrial, sturdy aesthetic for which the brand has become synonymous. This miraculous looking steed will be the ultimate means of getting about this summer and if you’re wanting a bicycle that is as uncompromising and cool as they come then you, sir, need look no further.

Sleek Ride for Summer

When you speak of Deus Ex Machina and their motorbikes and apparel, the first adjective that springs to mind is quality and this is definitely pertinent for their Cycleworks division responsible for the glorious looking Pegasus Bicycle. This top notch two-wheeled beast is based on the experiences of the brand’s gravel/cx Stralusc and it lies in the interesting segment of both adventure and gravel plus bike so, regardless of how you intend to ride it, it won’t let you down.

The Pegasus Bicycle from Deus Cycleworks has a platform which is based on a steel frame which has been completely fabricated in Italy with Columbus tubes, a 3T Luteus fork, thru axles and disc brakes and there really is a tangible sense of quality the minute you lay eyes on the bike. The frame can accommodate either 650b and 700 wheels which is great for those who use their bikes for various different adventures because it delivers endless riding possibilities.

With a high level of customisation available, each bike will be made to suit your own specific dimensions, the Deus Cycleworks Pegasus Bike does a fantastic job of combining performance-oriented cross/road geometry and parts with clearance for mountain bike tires. Put simply, what this means for you is that you can ride almost anywhere, and do it quickly. Performance is paramount with this contraption and Deus Ex Machina never disappoint in this department.

The Path Less Trodden

This amazing bike from Deus Cycleworks really is built for adventure and demands that you take it out into the wilderness and off the beaten path to really see what it is capable of. And, as you might expect from such a well put together steed, the answer is lots. Great looking, robust and versatile, the Pegasus Bike is a real triple threat and exactly the sort of bicycle that we’d gravitate in the direction of when the time comes to get our hands on a new one.

Deus Ex Machina are a brand we’ve got an awful lot of time for here at Coolector HQ and whilst our love of their brand was built upon their eye-catching custom motorbikes, these sensational looking bicycle has just increased our love of their design and build capabilities considerably.

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