Deus Ex Machina Eyewear

There’s no denying that Deus Ex Machina are one of the coolest brands on the planet so when it came to our attention that they’ve just launched a range of eyewear, it was positively impossible not to sit up and take notice. The quality is plain to see and for anyone looking to push the boat out a little with their next eyewear purchase, look no further than this great line up from Deus Ex Machina, which has been handmade in Japan.

The Deus Ex Machina Eyewear collection takes into account that the brand are synonymous with motorcycling so their eyewear designs are crafted to accommodate this pursuit. Each pair embodies a unique style with a classic function and has a straight edge frame which means they can be worn with motorcycling helmets. Made in collaboration with veteran eyewear designer, Tommy O’Gara, these excellent sunglasses and other eyewear offerings and he ensures they boast an aesthetically superior, timeless design.

Eyes on the Prize

Each piece in this new collection of eyewear from Deus Ex Machina is named after an iconic, pre-war British Motorcycle and this gives an extra touch of class to proceedings. This fantastic looking eyewear expertly commingles a striking, contemporary design with the understated elegance of the handmade Japanese craftsmanship. The frames are made from 100% Takiron acetate for an impressive robustness and overall performance.

The Deus Ex Machina Sunglasses and Glasses offer a range of different frame designs with each one having been hand skived in Japan. Every element of the design, from the arm to the pin to the Deus Customs logo on the side has been designed with form and function in mind and ensures these will be one of the best pair of glasses that you’ve ever owned.

Every pair of Deus Ex Machina Eyewear comes with some mighty cool extras which includes an oilskin and leather case for keeping them safe from bumps and scrapes when they’re not being worn, a military spec black steel pop fastener and a supremely functional embossed polishing cloth. The quality and robustness of these unisex glasses will be immediately apparent from the first time you put them on and you won’t want to take them off such is their unparalleled stylishness.

Great Quality Finish

There really is a tangible sense of quality to this Deus Ex Machina Eyewear which retails at $265 which is a small price to pay for such a high quality pair of glasses. The frames are about as robust as they come courtesy of the fact they are made from the highest grade cellulose based acetate and when you feel them in your hands, you’ll soon come to realise that they are a cut above the competition.

Deus Ex Machina are synonymous with the world of motorcycling and if you’re looking for the perfect pair of eyewear to accompany you on all your two-wheeled adventures and road trips then you need look no further than this cracking collection. Available for under $300 and overflowing with striking design features and a handmade quality, what’s not to like?

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