Deus Ex Machina Firefly

Though we are by no means even in the least bit knowledgeable about motorbikes here at Coolector HQ, we know that Deus Ex make some of the best in the business and that’s proven to be the case once again with an extraordinary looking steed that goes by the name of the Deus Ex Machina Firefly.

This impeccable looking contraption from Deus Ex Machina comes from their new Japanese branch of engineers and designers and is actually a repurposing of a 1961 Firefly bike and, as you can see, it is aesthetically unparalleled and has the performance levels to match.

Making all manner of tinkerings with the original machine, including giving the engine 20% more output, it is the visual appeal of the bike that really sets it apart for us. You can take a look at a few more shots of this top notch steed below:








It’s hard not to be impressed with the exceptional job the team at Deus Ex Machina in Japan have done in restoring this Firefly motorbike back into race condition and though we’d crash it the second we got on it, there will be plenty of chaps out there a good deal more accomplished on a motorbike that us that can truly appreciate the work, skill and dedication that has gone into this fantastic looking (and performing) machine.

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