Deus Ex Machina The Ranger Motorbike

The guys at Deus Ex Machina boast workshops all over the world who are consistently working on awesome looking new steeds that motorcycling lovers will appreciate and their Italian branch in Milan has recently unleashed a particularly impressive looking offering that goes by the name of The Ranger Motorbike and for those with an affinity for robust, scrambler style bikes, this is one that is for you.

Though are negligible knowledge of motorbikes here at Coolector HQ might not put us in the best position to report on such contraptions, we know that Deus Ex Machina are one of the most recognisable and celebrated purveyors of custom bikes out there and they’ve achieved this reputation off the back of extraordinary machines like the Deus Ex Machina The Ranger Motorbike – which looks tailor made for wilderness adventures this autumn.

Tackling Terrains

As with the majority of the offerings from Deus Ex Machina, The Ranger Motorbike is an upgrade on an existing chassis – in this case a Husky FE501 and the end result is a highly striking machine that is one of the best that we’ve seen to date from this world class motorbike workshop.

We were delighted to hear that the catalyst for the creation of the Deus Ex Machina The Ranger Motorbike was an idea formulated whilst drinking beers in Stockholm and, after months of planning and hammer work, the end result was the sensational steed that you see before you. There is a distinct Steve McQueen-esque Great Escape vibe to the aesthetic of this cracking looking contraption and the classic styling coupled with first class components leads to a brilliant ride that handles as well as you might expect.

Deus Ex Machina are regularly creating new machines to be ogled but The Ranger is certainly amongst our favourite from their stable here at Coolector HQ as it is not only highly accomplished from a performance point of view but also boasts the sort of impactful visuals that we love. This magnificent looking machine has a 6-speed box and an electric starter which means you’ve got a uncompromising enduro bike capable of dealing with anything you can throw at it in the wilderness or out on the road.

Handmade Quality

There has been a real attention to detail paid to the construction of this The Ranger Motorbike from Deus Ex Machina and they handmade the tank, the saddle, the mudguards so there were more or less no features of the original that remained the same. The engine was freed up with a tailored SC project exhaust and it’s great to see one of these machines – the sort that originated in Sweden back in 1903 – given a whole new lease of life with this incredible renovation project.

Deus Ex Machina never cease to amaze us with their exceptional contraptions and, as always, the craftsmanship quality here and the finished product is entirely unparalleled. The Ranger Motorbike is unquestionably one of the coolest rides you’ll encounter this year and the bold, vibrant colour way on the bodywork will make it stand out from the crowd for sure.

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