Dick Pearce Bellyboards

Though we’re far from naturals out on the open water, we’re partial to various watersports here at The Coolector and whilst bellyboarding is something that we’re yet to try, it is on the to do list. As massive fans of branding, it is impossible not to love these great-looking Dick Pearce Bellyboards and, for anyone who is planning to hit the waves over the next few months, you’ll not find many better steeds than this from the Dick Pearce workshop.

Cornwall is the spiritual home of water sports enthusiasts in the UK so it stands to reason that the Dick Pearce workshop for crafting these exceptionally well crafted and branded bellyboards is the small Cornish village of Port Isaac. You can see the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into Dick Pearce Bellyboards and it is these impeccable materials and care that immediately stands out.

The fact that each board is made by hand – and slightly different each time as a result – is a definite cool feature and whether you’re a pro at bellyboarding or hitting the waves for the first time, you’ll not find a cooler accessory to take out there with you than this. Check out a few more shots below:








As we say, bellyboarding isn’t really our speciality here at Coolector HQ (though we’re increasingly getting the belly for it given our proclivity for craft beer) but we know superb branding and craftsmanship when we see it and the Dick Pearce Workshop has an abundance of both.

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