Discommon Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table

We’ve featured the awesome wares of Discommon Goods on the pages of The Coolector a few times now and this small workshop never ceases to amaze us with their excellent, small batch, releases. The latest to have emerged from their workshop is the Discommon Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table which is one of the most striking pieces of designer furniture that you’re likely to come across but if you want to add it to your own interior design endeavours, you’ll need deep pockets because it has the rather eye-watering price tag of $17,000.

The Discommon Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table ($17k) is the eighth bespoke table in the automotive series from the top notch workshop and it boasts stunning American walnut which has been painstakingly crafted to replicate the unreleased Aston Martin Valkyrie, a car that was officially revealed at the March 2019 Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland. This breathtaking coffee table is a real cornerstone piece of furniture and will add an impossible to ignore talking point to any home or office design undertaking.

Superior Interior

Needless to say, $17,000 is more than most people are going to want to spend on a coffee table but if you do have the requisite readies to add this to your furniture line up, it’s definitely not going to disappoint. The Discommon Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table is unlike the previous fully machined aluminium tables in the Automotive Icons Series. This table is made from solid domestic American hardwood walnut with a Rubio Monocoat satin finish which is then paired with machined aerospace-grade aluminium legs that are hard-anodised in satin black for an unparalleled finish and eye-catching complement to the blonde-streaked aesthetics of the hardwood top.

Measuring 4 feet long by 4 inches thick, the Discommon Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table will create an imposing presence in any living space. The creation of an intricate wooden top design made for a set of completely different challenges to machining a block of aluminium, according to the table’s creator Neil Ferrier. It not only needs the prepping of the block of wood in an intelligent way to stop warping and cracking during the machining process, but also the time consuming hand-sanding and hand finishing to ensure the details and curvature of the automotive body.

This amazing project from Discommon Goods needed some 30 hours of 3-D CAD modelling, 30 hours of prepping and bonding the wooden block, 27 hours of CNC machining and, last but not least, three days of sanding and finishing. The highly engineered CNC process merged with meticulous handwork lends itself to the distinctive vehicle shape of the Aston Martin Valkyrie that seems to emerge from the wood in liquid-like form and provides a real aesthetic impact for this impeccable looking coffee table.

Contemporary Classic

The guys at Discommon see the Aston Martin Valkyrie as the pinnacle of contemporary vehicle design and the ideal design inspiration for this adventurous coffee table. Unlike the other tables that have been commissioned by clients, this one was simply a “we have to do it” moment for Discommon founder, Ferrier. The first seven completed tables out of the planned total of 10 Automotive Icons Tables include a Ferrari F40, a rare Ford GT, a Ford GT40, a Lamborghini Miura, a Ferrari 250 GTO, a Heuer Monaco commissioned by Tag Heuer, and a Concorde.

Priced at a rather prohibitive $17,000, this Discommon Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table is only going to be for a certain demographic of course but if you’re lucky enough to find yourself within said demographic and want a stand out piece of designer furniture to really finish off your interior design endeavours, it will be tough to beat.

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