Discommon Lowball 2 Tumbler

Whilst we’re not exactly whisky connoisseurs here at Coolector HQ, we know the importance of having the right drinking vessel when it comes to enjoying top quality snifters and, it’s fair to say, you’re unlikely to cross paths with many better than this extraordinary looking and phenomenally well crafted Lowball 2 Tumbler from Discommon Goods.

Discommon Goods are a design studio that operate out of the US and who join forces with designers from all walks of life (from automotive to super yachts) and they deliver a simple promise: namely to work with alongside their collaborators to make exactly what is in their heads. The Lowball 2 Tumbler from Discommon is one of their own pet projects and for those of you with a love of whisky and other spirits, you’re not going to find a better made receptacle than this out there.

Incredible Craftsmanship

Enjoying your favourite spirit after a hard day in order to help you relax, unwind and take the edge of the day is something that most men enjoy and, as part of that ritual, it is important to have a quality vessel for your whisky, or other favourite tipples, and this stunning Discommon Goods Lowball 2 Tumbler would definitely be getting our vote here at Coolector HQ.

The Discommon Goods Lowball 2 Tumbler took its design inspiration from the desire to really ramp up the precious moment at the end of a hard days work or to finish off an adventure with friends with some considerable aplomb with an impeccably crafted receptacle for the enjoyment of your favourite spirit.  The Lowball 2 is all about engaging the senses and ideally helping to capture some more awesome memories with friends.

Quality craftsmanship is extremely evident with this supremely well made accessory from Discommon Goods and the design aims to replicate traditional snifters by making use of a unique CNC Lathe to cut the spectacularly complex hourglass internal shape. Each Lowball 2 Tumbler is milled from aerospace grade aluminum and painstakingly machined textural details on the exterior deliver maximum grip and comfort. It’s hard not to be impressed with the attention to detail that has gone into the crafting of this mighty impressive receptacle.

Devil in the Detail

There is so much intricate detail and impressive design features to be enjoyed with the Discommon Goods Lowball 2 Tumbler and, though they are far from cheap, these are the sorts of accessory that you’ll keep for a lifetime. Boasting an external geometry which is optimised to cradle perfectly in the webbing of thumb and forefinger, an inert coating which ensures zero contamination of whisky and an optimised “lip” to minimize drip – there really are few better homes for your favourite whisky.

Discommon Goods are a brand we’ve featured a number of times here on the pages of The Coolector and the quality of their wares never ceases to amaze with this eye-catching Lowball 2 Tumbler being no exception. Though we’re not regular whisky drinkers here, we’d definitely opt for a receptacle of this magnitude when enjoying a snifter or two.

Price: $280

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