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Though we’re not overly green-fingered here at Coolector HQ, we do like cracking pieces of design which couple with innovative technology and that’s why we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by a rather excellent looking accessory called SpacePot from LA based FutureFarms and for anyone looking to ramp up their home growing of plant life at home, this is just the thing for you.

Utilising the process of hydroponics, the FutureFarms SpacePot makes it possible to grow the biggest, tastiest plants all year round in your own home with considerable ease. This clever piece of design uses exact science to make sure you can grow whatever you’d like simply and effectively and as you’ll be growing plants in nutrient rich water, they will grow larger and quicker as they do not have to work as hard to obtain nutrients. Win, win in our book.

Hydroponic Tonic

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you won’t have had much success in trying to grow your own plants at home and that’s why hydroponics is somewhat of a godsend for us. This excellent looking FutureFarms SpacePot is more or less failure proof and has a nutrient solution which delivers the plant precisely what it requires, when it requires it. All you need to do to get the end result you’re after is refill it every couple of weeks.

The FutureFarms SpacePot are an incredibly precise, simple and cost effective means of creating a selection of plant life in your own home and they use organic Growpods that are optimised for hydroponics which is important because it means an end to messy soil or smelly fertilisers – neither of which you’re likely to want cluttering up your home.

Simplicity is the key with the FutureFarms SpacePot and all you need to do is follow a three step route to success – namely, add nutrients and water, plant the seed that you’re looking to grow and, finally, simply wait for nature to take its course and your plant to flourish in the eye-catching GrowPod. Hydroponics is something that is backed by NASA and used by top restaurants all over the world to grow the various plants for seasoning their food and this awesome offering from FutureFarms lets you do it in your own home.

Sustainable Growth

Hydroponics is extremely sustainable and expected to be the future of farming and this home based means of growing your own produce is something that is definitely going to appeal to many people out there and we’ve seen few better examples of this than the excellent looking FutureFarms SpacePot. It is capable of distilling and simplifying decades of hydroponics research; so in 5-6 weeks you will have your own forest of fresh herbs with minimal effort.

Los Angeles based FutureFarms design and meticulously manufacture all their products in California and the quality on offer really does set them apart from the competition. If you want to get started on growing your own herbs at home, this superb looking SpacePot might just be your new best friend.

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